Munich’s letters

In search of a creative exercise, I came up with something quick, that just required me to go out and take a walk across the city: Take photos of the alphabet, one letter per photo. Try to find the most interesting letters and try to avoid the boring ones.

I got the idea from one of the videos at Kelby Training, who were giving away 75 day passes today. Interestingly I haven’t found a lot more on this exercise on the internet, besides over at Chris Corradino, who did the advanced version of the challenge. I kept it simple and tried to find as many letters that had some connection to Munich as possible. For example, the ‘Z’ is from a local newspaper, the ‘P’ is from a local brewery. Walking around the Glockenbachviertel exposes you quite a lot to graffiti, which can be quite interesting to take pictures of.

Surprisingly, the letters that were open until the end were ‘N’, ‘R’ and ‘Q’. ‘Q’ was a natural, since it is the least frequently used letter in the German language (0.02%). Therefore it was actually quite hard finding interesting Qs. Most were in antiques shops, but rather boring than interesting. In the end I found a Q at an Italian ice-cream place.

By the way, quick tip for Lightroom. Apparently you can easily create you own custom sort order of images by dragging them around in the grid view. You just have to make sure that you are only displaying photos of one particular collection/ directory, i.e. turn off Library → Show Photos in Subfolders. This was in particular handy when checking whether I had my alphabet complete or not (oh gosh, that moment when I though I forgot to take a photo of an ‘E’).

Looking at the grid below, it looks like a ransom note.

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  1. Indeed, I was quite astonished about the variety. And I was surprised how quick you get through most letters and how difficult the last ones are.

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